Faculty of Science
- Subject: Physics

A. Physcis News

     The Nobel Prize in Physics 2023


B. Panel member (2023 - 2024)

  • Panel Head:
    • Mr. Lee Shun Hang (MPhil. in Physics, MSc. in Mathematics)
  • Member:
    • Dr. Cheung Hoi Kit (PhD. in Physics)
  • Technician: Mr. Sham Pui Leung

C. Purposes

  1. Cultivating students' interest in Physics and their appreciation in the simplicity and elegance of the laws of Physics.
  2. Enabling them to acquire the knowledge of physical principles and to apply them to solve both theoretical and practical problems.
  3. Developing students' skills such as problem solving, data analyses, scientific investigation, and scientific communication.
  4. Developing students' awareness of relating Physics to daily-life issues.

D. Activities carried out


F.5 Physics students stargazing camp

    Stargazing is a simple way to bring science alive for students and share with them the beauty of the natural world. Every year before the pandemic, our F.5 Physics students would have a chance to participate in a stargazing camp. Through the activity, students are able to have more learning experience.



University Research Opportunities and Research Internship Award

     One of our Physics students, 5D Wan Ka Ming, joined the Summer Research Internship organized by the Engineering Faculty of the City University of Hong Kong. In the programme, he was guided to carry out nanoscale optical experiments on 2-dimensional materials with electron microscopes to investigate the structures and photoluminescence properties of the materials. At the end of the programme, he submitted a report and a presentation video summarising what he had learnt to the professors and won the Outstanding Summer Intern Award.



University Enrichment Programmes for F.3 to F.4 Stduents

     The Advanced Physics EXperience Programme (APEX) is an enrichemnt programme organized by the  Physics Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Three of our students, 4D Li Tsz Ho, 4D Kong Chak Kuen, and 3C Chan Tsz Lok participated in the programme last year. In it, the students learnt various mathematical tools for physics, classical and quantum mechanics, and computational physics research skills. They will go on to study more advanced topics such as the theory of Relativity, astrophysics, and particle physics and will have a chance to undertake research projects. 



School-based Enrichment Programs for High Achievers from F.2 to F.4 students

    We offer enrichment programs for high achievers from F.2 to F.4. Students would learn advanced Mechanics and apply it to understand various phemonema. If you are in interested in Physics. Come join us!



the Hong Kong Physics Olympiad competition

    Every year, our studnts get encouraging results in Hong Kong Physics Olympiad competition.