Design and Technology

Faculty of Technology Education -

Subject: Design and Technology


Subject Coordinator:

    Mr. Lam Chi Kin



  1. To develop an understanding of the basic elements of design.
  2. To utilize students' scientific knowledge through the design process.
  3. To involve students in problem-solving design activities.
  4. To study the basic properties of materials through analysis and exploration.
  5. To develop a spirit of craftsmanship in various media.
  6. To employ communication techniques as an integral part of learning experience.
  7. To develop an appreciation and a sense of knowledge towards design articles in our daily life. 

Life-wide Learning Activities:

  1. Princess Kid's Design Competition
  2. Youth Construction Discovery Challenge: My Dream School
  3. Design To Empower – Mascot Design Competition
  4. Boulder Fence Model Design Competition
  5. International Mathematical Olympiad Logo Design Competition
  6. HK Mathematics Olympiad Poster Design Competition
  7. Glider Flying Contest
  8. Glider Model Design Competition
  9. Model Solar Boat Design Competition
  10. Safety and Health Creative Design Competition
  11. The Next BMW Car Design Competition
  12. DiscoverE Engineers Workshop




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