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HKDSE Examination 2023 (Updated after rechecking/remarking result)


109 F.6 students sat the HKDSE 2023 and they performed very well. They obtained 343 Level 5 to 5** (including Mathematics Extended Parts). On average each student attained Level 5 or above in 3.15 subjects. 6 students scored Level 5** in two or more subjects. 6E CHOI Wan Ting achieved 5** in four subjects. 91 students (83.5%) obtained 20 grade points or above, which is equivalent to scoring Level 4 or above in 5 subjects. 98.2% of our students met the basic university entrance requirement (33222).




Note: Subjects with self-study student only is not included in the graph above (including a 5* in music and an 'A' in Japanese)


The summary of university admission is as follows: