Achievements of alumni

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2 alumni have achieved outstanding performance in the academic year 2022-2023 at HKUST 2023-12-12
6 alumni have achieved outstanding academic performance in the academic year 2022-23 at HKBU 2023-10-30
Eight alumni have been awarded an Entry Scholarship at PolyU 2023-10-12
Our alumna Chan Lok Yiu has been awarded the "HKU First in the School Scholarship" 2023-10-04
Two alumni have been awarded scholarships at Tung Wah College 2023-06-20
Four alumni have been awarded the HKUST Dean of Engineering Scholarship 2019-22 2023-06-01
Four alumni got outstanding academic performance at HKUST 2023-01-18
Three alumni were awarded Admission Scholarship at CUHK 2023-01-10
Our alumnus YAU Wai Lam was awarded First Class Honours at PolyU 2023-01-03
Our alumni have been awarded entry scholarships at PolyU 2022-11-24
Four alumni have been awarded the HKUST HKDSE Scholarship 2022-11-21
Our alumnus Ho Ching Hei has been awarded HKSAR Government Fund


Our alumni have achieved outstanding results in HKBU 2022-11-03
Full-time undergraduate admissions to CUHK (2022 entry) 2022-10-12
2 alumni are in student honour list 2021-2022 in CUHK 2022-10-12
4 alumni received honourable citations in HKUST 2022-10-12
Our alumnus Kan Hei Long has been awarded SPSS Talent Development Scholarship 2022-09-20
Our alumnus Tam Cheuk Yi has been granted Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship 2022 2022-09-20
Our alumnus Au Pui Yan has been offered Prince Philip Scholarship 2022-09-20
2 alumni won Dean List Award in HKUST 2022-09-20
25 alumni achieved academic honours in universities in 2020-21 2021-12-01
Li Ka Yan awarded HKUST Dean of Engineering Scholarship 2020-11-05
13 alumni achieved academic honours in HKBU 2020-11-02
3 alumni on the Dean's List and awarded scholarship in HKUST 2020-11-02
5 alumni awarded Entrance Scholarship by CUHK 2020-10-14
5 alumni on the Honour List in CUHK 2020-09-29
LAU King Sum Samuel and LO Wing Chong awarded scholarships in Tung Wah College 2020-08-07
YAN Wing Shan Sharon awarded in CityU 2020-05-25
TSE Yu Hin awarded First Class Honour in PolyU 2020-02-14
KWOK Kai Yin Pollux on the Dean's List in CUHK 2019-12-23
LAM Cho Yan Yannie awarded Entrance Scholarship by HKBU 2019-12-23
14 alumni achieved academic honours in HKBU 2019-10-30
CHAN Shu Min and YAN Tin Lok achieved admission scholarship by CUHK Biomedical Engineering Department 2019-10-30
KWOK Yue Seng Amos and PANG Ho Tong achieved honorable citations by HKUST 2019-10-23
3 alumni on the Dean's List by CUHK 2019-09-10
LI Ka Wing and LI Kwok Sum awarded Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence Scheme 2019-08-31
Alumnus awarded Entrance Scholarship by HSUHK 2019-05-31
9 alumni on the President's Honour Roll/Dean's List by HKBU 2018-10-10
Alumni achievement upto May 2017 2017-05-16
Alumni achievement from CUHK Medicine 2017-03-01
Scholarships from United College of CUHK 2017-02-17
Alumni Graduate's Achievements in PolyU 2016-10-31
Alumni received Scholarship from the Chinese University of Hong Kong 2016-01-26
Admission Scholarship for Academic Excellence 2015-03-30
Alumni awarded the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Medals 2014 2014-12-03
Alumni received scholarship from HKU SPACE 2014-12-03
Alumni awarded the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship for Overseas Studies (2014/15) 2014-09-17
Alumni attained outstanding academic achievement in HKBU 2014-05-15
Alumni achieving outstanding academic performance in HKUST 2014-03-17
Alumni received scholarship from CUHK 2014-02-24
Alumni received scholarship from TWGH 2013-03-14
Honorable citations from the HKUST 2013-01-14
Alumni with Prizes and Scholarships in HKU (2011/2012) 2012-11-02
Achievements of our Alumni in the HKUST Business School (2011/2012) 2012-11-02
Alumni achieving outstanding academic performance in HKBU (2011/2012) 2012-11-02
Alumnus awarded scholarship from Chung Chi College (CUHK) 2012-11-02
行政長官社區服務獎狀 2011-11-10
Our alumni got First Class Honour in BBA, HKU 2011-11-04
Lam Woo students on HKU Dean's Honours List 2011-11-01
Lam Woo students on the Dean's List of HKUST (Year 09-10) 2011-09-03
Chan Yuet Yui - Outstanding Performance in Department of Marketing, CityU HK 2011-07-28
Awards in Mass Media 2011-06-07
Scholarships from United College of CUHK 2011-05-27
Outstanding Achievements of Alumni 2011-02-25
List of Students with Outstanding Academic Achievement from HKBU 2010-11-01
Outstanding Achievement in HKIED 2010-07-02
香港報業公會2009年最佳新聞獎 2010-05-04
Wong Chak Man was awarded scholarships by HKU 2010-03-17
Academic achievements in PolyU 2010-03-17
Hon Ying Tung was granted the Academic Excellence Award by HKU Space 2010-03-17
Letter of Recognition from QCOBA Secondary School 2009-12-08
Scholarship for students entering CUHK Chung Chi College 2009-12-08
Students with Academic Honours from HKBU 2009-11-06