Computer Science

Computer Science

A. Panel Members

The following are members in the computer subject panel in 21-22:
  • Mr. Chan W. M. (F1 CL coordinator)
  • Ms. Hui Y. C.
  • Mr. Kwok S. K. (Department Head, F2 - F3 CL, F4 - F6 ICT coordinator)

B. Syllabus

  • Computer Literacy (F.1 - F.3)
    Our school-based CL curriculum covers both essential IT skills (e.g. Office software and information literacy) and STEM education (e.g. programming, maker, and artificial intelligence), so as to nurture students' skills in solving problems using technology. The AIoT project (F.3 second term) serves as a capstone project, where students have to apply their knowledge and skills in programming, maker and AI to solve a real-life problem. They are expected to develop their collaboration, communication, creativity, and problem-solving skills throughout the three-year course.
      First Term Second Term

    Online Learning Modules, including:

    • Information Literacy
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
    • Chinese Input Method
    • Micro:bit and Electronics
    • Excel
    • Computational Thinking
    • Mobile App Development

    Python Programming


    Artificial Intelligence
    (CUHK Jockey Club AI For the Future Project)

    Artificial Intelligence of Things
    (AIoT Project)


  • Information and Communication Technology (F.4 - F.6)
    The Senior Form ICT curriculum helps students develop knowledge and skills of computer and information technology. All of our ICT students would study Elective D as their elective module, which provides solid foundation in programming and algorithm for their future studies and career, especially in technology-related disciplines such as computer science, information systems, financial technology, data science, and artificial intelligence.
      Compulsory Part Elective Part
    • Information Processing
    • Computer System Fundamentals
    • Internet and its Applications
    • Basic Programming Concepts
    • Social Implications

    Software Development (Module D)

    • Programming
    • Programming Languages
    • Systems Development

C. Life-wide Learning Activities

  • "High School Machine Learning" Programme
    It is a pilot programme co-organized by our school and Prof. Stanley Chan's team, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Purdue University. The programme can provide a platform for students to taste the state-of-the-art technology (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence) and learn from the leading scholars in the field, so as to motivate students to further explore their talents in STEM. In 2020/21, we have 9 Lam Woo students who satisfactorily completed the programme and received the certificate.

  • CUHK Jockey Club AI For the Future Project
    Our school is one of the 18 participating schools in CUHK Jockey Club AI For the Future Project in the year 2020/21. The Project's objective is to create a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) curriculum, a sustainable AI education model, with relevant supporting infrastructure to establish a conducive ecosystem in AI education for Hong Kong's secondary schools. For example, in F.3 AI lessons, students made use of artificial fruits to train their own AI model to distinguish different kinds of fruits, and they designed a Python program to apply the trained model for solving different real-life problems.

    Other than F.3 AI curriculum, our students also participated in the following AI activities organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK):
    • AI for the Future Virtual Boot Camp 2020
    • AI for the Future Summer Camp 2021
  • Mass Robot Programming for World New Record
    23 F.1 and F.2 Lamwooers, together with more than 500 students from other schools, set a new world record on the most people programming robotics simultaneously within one hour successfully in August 2021. The record was certified by the Guinness World Records. The event was organized by the Hong Kong Productivity Council.

  • Robotics Training Programme
    Our school offers regular training programme in robotics (e.g. Arduino, Lego EV3) to ensure that students who are interested and talented in IT/STEM can unleash their potential. Knowledge and skills in mechanics, electronics and programming would be covered. The elite students are given opportunities to participate in robotics competitions.

  • Robotics competitions
    Event Participants Award

    Tse Chun Mong
    Wong Pok Yuen
    Wong Wang Hong


    Leung Chun Wai
    Tse Chun Mong
    Wong Wang Hong


    Ho Lap Yin
    Leung Chun Wai
    Kwok Yin Hei
    Wong Pok Yuen
    Wong Wang Hong

    Hong Kong STEM Robotics Competition 2019

    Chan Hok Chi
    Kwok Yan Tung
    Wong Sze Wing

    Winner Award in A.I. Cubemania

    Cheng Tsz Wing
    Lee Hing Tik Ryan
    Leung Wing Him

    3rd runner-up award in Senior Secondary Division
    World Robot Olympiad Hong Kong 2018

    Ho Lap Yin
    Tse Chun Mong
    Wong Wang Hong


  • Programming Enrichment Course
    Our school offers programming enrichment course (e.g. C++ / C, Python) to equip our students with advanced techniques in algorithm design and computational thinking, after they have completed the F.2 Python curriculum in the CL lessons. The elite students are given opportunities to participate in programming competitions.
  • Programming competitions
    Event Participants Award
    CodeQuest 2021 Global Tournament

    Mei Ka Wai

    Second Prize

    Hong Kong Secondary School Coding Challenge 2021

    Mei Ka Wai

    Bronze Medal
    International Coding Elite Challenge 2021 (Hong Kong & Macau)

    Mei Ka Wai

    Gold Award

    Choi Chak Long

    Silver Award

    Yao Kit Hei Joshua

    Bronze Award
    Hong Kong Olympaid in Informatics (HKOI) 2020/21

    Mo Tsz Hin

    Bronze Medal (Junior Group)

    So Chun Hin

    Honourable Mention (Junior Group)
    Hong Kong Olympaid in Informatics (HKOI) 2019/20

    Mei Ka Wai

    Certificate of Achievement - Finalist
    (* The final event was cancelled due to pandemic)

    Mo Tsz Hin

    So Chun Hin

    Hong Kong Olympaid in Informatics (HKOI) 2017/18

    Li Ka Wing

    Gold Medal (Senior Group)

    Fong Tsz Lo

    Bronze Medal (Senior Group)

    Kwok Kai Yin Pollux

    Bronze Medal (Senior Group)

  • Maker Competitions
    Event Participants Award
    IET Faraday Challenge Hong Kong Final 2021

    Chan Nok Yiu
    Lam Yan Wing
    Leung Si Ping
    Sam Hui Yin
    Wong Yu Hang

    1st runner up

    Chan Yi Ga Ingrid
    Law Tsz Yan
    Leung Ho Yat
    Ng Serene
    Yueh Hoi Lam

    Merit Prize
    BBC micro:bit Maker Challenge 2021

    Lam Kai Fung

    Merit Award

    Or Yuet Tung Esther

    Merit Award
    IET Faraday Challenge Day 2019

    Tam Tsz Ching
    Xue Hoi Ching
    Ho Man Hoi Herman
    Li Yan Chung
    So Chun Hin
    Suen Tsz Hin

    Merit Certificate

  • Quiz Competitions
    Event Participants Award

    Li Yi Yui

    2nd runner up
    (Senior Secondary Division)

    Our School

    Most Active Participating School Award
    (Secondary Division)
  • Visits and Seminars
    Our students have a wide range of opportunities to attend visits and seminars related to the high-tech industries, such as manufacturing technology industry and banking industry. From the visits and seminars, students can learn about the IT applications such as industry 4.0, smart city, financial technology, etc.

  • IT/STEM Enrichment Classes
    Our department offers IT/STEM enrichment classes, such as virtual reality and argmented reality (VR/AR), and programmable drones, so that students can keep abreast of the technological advances.

  • IT/STEM External Programmes
    Our students actively participated in different IT/STEM programmes organized by universities and external organizations, such as "Girls Go Tech Programme" organized by The Women's Foundation and "HKPC STEM Network" offered by the Hong Kong Productivity Council and Community Partner Foundation.

D. Facilities

Our Collaborative Learning Centre (CLC) was renovated in 2021. Computer Literacy (CL), Information and Commmunication Technology (ICT), as well as after-school programming and robotics training workshops take place in CLC. A flexible seating arrangement is allowed with movable tables and chairs to facilitate collaboration among students.

Robotics corner

Micro:bit and projects

Artificial Intelligence

Prize showcase



E. Self Learning Websites

F. Teaching Resources and e-learning platforms/tools


G. Common Computer Dictionaries