Integrated Science

Faculty of Science
- Subject: Integrated Science

Members (2023 - 2024)

  • Ms. Lui Wing Tung (Panel Head)
  • Ms. Chan Wai Yin
  • Dr. Cheung Hoi Kit
  • Mr. Leung King Cheung
  • Mr. Li Chung Pang
  • Mr. Sham Pui Leung  (Lab. Technician)
  • Ms. Wong Ho Yee (Lab. Technician)
  • Ms. Wong Wai Ping (Lab. Technician)



To help students to:
  1. develop curiosity and interest in science and appreciate the wonder of nature and the technological world;
  2. acquire the basic knowledge and concepts for living in and contributing to a scientific and technological world;
  3. develop science process skills to define problems, plan and design investigations to find solutions, conduct practical work, analyse and interpret the results, and present the findings;
  4. apply scientific knowledge, science process skills and relevant generic skills, to solve some daily life problems;
  5. use basic science language to communicate ideas;
  6. recognise the relationship between science, technology, society and environment, and develop an attitude for responsible citizenship;
  7. recognize the usefulness and limitations of science and the evolutionary nature of scientific knowledge;
  8. apply their understanding of science to maintain personal health and develop an awareness of safety issues in everyday life, understand the reasons behind, and take proper actions to avoid accidents and reduce risks; and
  9. consider the effects of human activities on the environment and act sensibly for sustainable development of the environment.