Faculty of P.S.H.E.
- Subject: Economics

Member: (2023 - 2024)

  • Ms. Ng Ka Kei  (Panel Head)
  • Mr. Lee Ka Wai


Our economics school curriculum has been meticulously designed to foster intellectual prowess. Our students are prepared to understand and interpret complex economic data by delving deeply into fundamental economic concepts and theories, as well as their applications, particularly in the context of the Hong Kong economy. This intellectual journey is perfectly aligned with our goal of developing skills that will enable students to critically analyse economic issues, evaluate diverse perspectives, and make informed decisions.

Furthermore, the economics curriculum serves as a cornerstone in shaping our students into LAMWOOERs - individuals who embody leadership, ardour, modesty, wisdom, optimism, originality, empathy, and responsibility. 

  • Leadership & Responsibility: Making informed judgments and evaluating arguments, proposals, and policies can be a foundation for leadership, as understanding the economic implications of decisions is vital for leadership roles. Also, making well-informed decisions in economics requires responsibility.
  • Ardour: Developing a deep understanding and application of economic theories requires passion for the subject.
  • Modesty: While not directly addressed, approaching economics requires acknowledging the complexity of real-world situations and recognizing that there’s always more to learn.
  • Wisdom: Analyzing and understanding economic theories, as well as applying them to real-world situations, fosters wisdom.
  • Optimism & Originality: Evaluating different perspectives and making judgments can require both optimism (in terms of potential outcomes) and originality in approach.
  • Empathy: Understanding the economic consequences of decisions on communities and individuals can foster empathy, even if not directly mentioned.

Media coverages:

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Public speaking:

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Hong Kong: Learning and Teaching Expo 2022 Beijing: Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education 2023



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Hong Kong Financial Literacy Championship 2022

Online Financial Management Quiz Competition 2023

Digital Stock Trading Guru Competition 2023

International Economics Olympiad - Winter Challenge 2023

Hong Kong Economic Olympiad 2023

 “My PolyU BBA” Video Competition 2023


Hong Kong Deposit Protection Board: financial education workshop

PwC Consultant: ESG Principles in Modern Business

Students Publications

校園經濟/商業:8 articles

HKEdcity: 3 question banks

Hok Yau Club: 2 essays