Faculty of P.S.H.E.
- Subject: Geography

Members: (2023-2024)

  • Mr. W.K. Tsang (Panel Head)
  • Ms. L.L. Lee 
  • Ms. C.W. Yim

Curriculum Aims : 

The aims of this curriculum are to enable students: (a) to develop knowledge and understanding of space, place and environment, in particular the spatial arrangement of places and the interaction between human and the environment; (b) to think and to enquire in a geographical manner; (c) to develop geographical skills and basic competencies for further studies and life situations; and (d) to be informed and responsible citizens who are willing to act for the betterment of their home city, home nation and the world, and to contribute to the sustainable development of human societies and the natural environment. To stimulate students' interest in the study of geography and the world around them.



1. Form 5 Fieldwork on river characteristics and channelization at Kai Tak River (22/6/2023)

2. Form 6 Fieldwork on urban climate in Central (19/9/2023)

2. Mobile Exhibition on Fading colors of the coral organized by the CUHK and Jockey Museum of Climate Change on 26/10/2023