Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS)

Panel Members: 

  • Mr. Ng Wai Man (Panel Head)

Learning Objectives

Knowledge and understanding

  • apply concepts and knowledge in an integrated manner to attain specified goals for business ventures and solve problems encountered in the business context;
  • identify opportunities, generate innovative ideas and manage resources for business development;
  • analyze how management reacts to the dynamic business environment in formulating strategic plans;
  • evaluate the management efficiency and financial performance of businesses to make personal and/or business financial decisions;
  • apply the management concepts related to human resource, finance and marketing in business decision-making; and
  • use accounting information effectively to monitor business performance and suggest means to add value to human and financial resources.


  • collect, process and analyze business information necessary for strategic planning and business development;
  • apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills in evaluating business issues and making ethical decisions;
  • demonstrate effective communication, team-building and interpersonal skills in business projects; and
  • use basic business application software and apply ICT skills in business projects.

Values and attitudes

  • be socially responsible and caring, in particular when playing the roles of consumers / employees / entrepreneurs / investors in the business world, and in society at large;
  • appreciate themselves as valuable human capital and enhance their commitment to society; and
  • be reflective and self-motivated lifelong learners to meet the demands of the rapidly changing business world.