Yearly Proposal

Students’ UnionYear Plan (2023-2024)



Stimulus with inspiration, Unbounded to imagination.



1. Increase students’ understanding and sense of belonging to the Students’ Union and the school

2. Deepen the role of the Students’ Union as a communication bridge between classmates and the school

3. Discover and assist students to develop their leadership potential

4. Provide high-quality activities and benefits for students

5. Strengthen the teamwork spirit and sense of belonging of the Students' Union


Opinion Handling:

  1. Democracy Wall
  2. SU Forum
  3. Opinion Collecting Box
  4. Opinion on Tuck Shop Affairs
  5. Students’ Union Representative Committee


  1. Stationery Retailing Service
  2. Class Association Stationery Selling Service
  3. Stationery Sales Exhibition
  4. Calculator Ordering Service
  5. Instax Film Selling Service
  6. 《啟訊》SU FOCUS Recycling Programme
  7. Timetable Distribution Service
  8. Yellow Page and Food Takeaway Menu
  9. Umbrella Borrowing Service
  10. Telephone Lending Service
  11. Stain Remover Pen Borrowing Service
  12. Shoe Polisher Borrowing Service
  13. Shop Discount
  14. Old Books Selling Service


  1. SU Singing Contest
  2. SU Dancing Contest
  3. Lamwooer’s Record: The Golden Age
  4. Joint School Exchange Programme
  5. Junior Form Leadership Training Programme
  6. SU Super Class Competition — Inter-class Participation in Students’ Union Activities