Life and Society

Faculty of P.S.H.E.
- Subject:
 Life and Society (2023 - 2024), F.1 - F.3

A. Panel Members:

  • Ms. Tsang Ying Ying (Panel Head)
  • Ms. Law Lai Shan 
  • Ms. Lee Lai Li
  • Ms. Leung Bik Kim
  • Mr. Ng Wai Man

B. Purposes

Our school values truth, leadership, passion, humility, wisdom, optimism, originality, empathy, and responsibility. This ethos is intricately woven into our curriculum. The emphasis on understanding different perspectives, backgrounds, and values reflects the search for truth and the belief that "The Truth Will Set You Free." Leadership qualities include effective communication skills, a passion for public affairs, and the ability to make sound decisions. The emphasis on personal reflection, self-awareness, and making responsible decisions demonstrates zeal and wisdom. Recognising different groups and understanding different points of view demonstrate modesty and empathy. Our curriculum's components centred on making reasoned judgements, interpreting data, and comprehending economic and political systems demonstrate wisdom and originality. The push for positive interpersonal relationships and seeing how communities interconnect imply optimism. Finally, encouraging open-mindedness, respect for all cultures, and appreciation for social justice and democracy emphasises empathy and responsibility. When taken together, our curriculum effectively echoes the ideals embodied in the school's motto.

C. Implementation

We follow a philosophy that emphasises not only knowledge acquisition but also its meaningful application in real-world contexts. We actively promote and foster an environment in which students are not only imbibers of information but also its propagators. Our students have consistently contributed their research and project work to school's scholarly magazines as evidence of this philosophy in action. Furthermore, they have taken the initiative to create and distribute informative videos on various NGO platforms that reflect their acquired knowledge. The following section details the external accolades and awards that our students have earned as a result of their abilities and dedication.


D. Awards

Our school encourages students to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, which promotes their overall development. Here are some notable awards received in the school year 2022 - 2023:

Notably, our victory in the 2ⁿᵈ Hong Kong Youth National Culture and Tourism Knowledge Contest has resulted in an exciting opportunity for seven students. They went o on a 5-day, 4-night trip in August 2023, with all expenses paid! More information can be found in the paragraph below.

E. Free Excursion to Mainland China

The trip was a captivating experience for our students. Highlights included exploring West Lake's cultural treasures, such as Lingyin Temple and Longjing Village, delving into the inner workings of the Asian Games, visiting museums like Liangzhu Museum and the China National Tea Museum, and immersing themselves in the ancient towns of Jiangnan. Interactions with local students deepened cross-cultural understanding, and the trip left students with a profound appreciation for China's rich history and heritage, all set against the stunning backdrop of West Lake.