Application for S1 Discretionary Places (2021-2022) – Remarks for First Interview 2021-2022年度中一「自行分配學位」申請 – 第一階段面試(注意事項)

The school will adopt the following preventive measures against communicable diseases during the interview on 6 February 2021 (Saturday):

1. All candidates have to complete the health declaration form.  Please download the form, complete and return it to teachers on 6 February 2021 (Saturday).
Health Declaration Form

If a candidate is being a confirmed case of COVID-19; or has been classified as a 'close contact of an infected person' with COVID-19, and is unable to attend the interview, please inform the school at 24208893 during office hours (9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.) for further arrangement.


2. All candidates and teachers should wear surgical masks.

3. All candidates are required to check their body temperature upon arrival.

4. The number of waiting areas for interview will be increased.

5. In the preparation room, candidates’ chairs and desks will be arranged at an appropriate distance.

6. During the interview, candidates and teachers will keep an appropriate distance.

7. Surgical masks, alcohol-based handrub and other sanitizing materials will be provided.


1. 所有考生必須填寫「學生外遊及健康狀況申報表」。請家長自行下載表格,填妥及簽署後由同學於面試當日2021年2月6日(星期六)交回學校。


2. 所有考生及老師均需配戴口罩;

3. 進入校園時,所有考生需要量度體溫;

4. 增加等候面試場地數目;

5. 增加考生座位間距離;

6. 增加考生及老師面試時距離;

7. 學校將準備口罩、酒精搓手液等防護及消毒用品。