Stock Trading Guru board game


Schools are grateful to the Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC) and People On Board (POB) for providing access to Stock Trading Guru board game. Some F.5 students have recently begun using online stock market games to gain financial knowledge. This beneficial resource allows our students to gain insight into investing and greater financial security. 


Online stock market games are an invaluable resource for teaching financial literacy. They provide an authentic and safe environment where our students can experiment with the stock market. By investing fictitious funds, our students can learn the basics of trading and how to identify stocks that are worth buying. As they gain experience, they can apply their skills in the real world and develop a deeper understanding of how the financial markets work.

The availability of online stock market games to our students has other far-reaching implications. Not only does it promote financial literacy, but it can also lead to financial independence. Our students can grow their wealth and achieve financial security by mastering the stock market. Teaching younger generations the basics of financial literacy equips them with the necessary tools to become responsible money managers.