Guidance Week 2022

Guidance Week 2022 (25~27 May 2022)


“A Soul to Care; A Heart to Share” is the theme of Guidance Week this year. It is hoped that Lamwooers can show care and concern not only to their friends and beloved ones but also those around them.


Some activities were held to bring out the theme of caring and sharing. The most popular one must be the candy pack selling in the morning. Two hundred packs of candies were all sold out in a flash. Teachers shared the candies with students while students enjoyed the candies with their friends. What a lovely scene!


Thanks Morgan (4A), Chloe (5B), Jacky (5C) and Elaine (5D) for the radio drama in the morning sharing session, bringing out the importance and ways to increase our psychological flexibility so that we can stay positive when facing adversities in life. The traditional story on ‘Blessings in Disguise’ told by Jasmine (5B), Heidi (5E) and Jamie(5E) was definitely inspiring as they conveyed the message that there could be surprises and we might be able to find new meanings in life when we could look at things from multiple perspectives.  As the old saying goes, ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’. Even though the pandemic might have brought much inconvenience to us, it inspired us to treasure what we have and seize the time to show love and care to others instead of taking everything for granted.


With advancement in technology, showing care and sharing love are made possible on Instagram. The IG Caring Challenge encouraged Lamwooers to write words of care, concern and encouragement and shared them with their friends. It helped create unforgettable memories together.


The Guidance Week ended with the exciting Kahoot Quiz Game on fun facts about mental health. Not only did the participants enjoy the game time, but they also learned much about ways to stay healthy and enhance their psychological well-being. Congratulations to Lai Chi Kei (2A), Wong Tsz Tung (5D) and Wong Tsz Yan (5D) who were the Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up of the quiz game respectively.


Thank you all for your support! 


Please click here for the photos of Guidance Week.