Japanese Cultural Exchange Tour (日本文化交流團) 27-30 June

All students are so excited when taking a mass photo


The Japanese Cultural Exchange Tour was smoothly held from 27th to 30th June, 2024. Escorting teachers and participating students were touched by the warm hospitality of the students from our sister school, the Junior High School attached to Saga University Faculty of Education (佐賀大学教育学部附属中学校) and have surely learnt a lot.


Welcoming ceremony - band performance


Despite being shy at first, Lamwooers had quickly warmed up after the ice-breaking activity which made treasurable memories. There was the welcoming ceremony, followed by presentations by students from both schools. Our students also performed a Japanese song which breaks the language barrier. They were then arranged in groups and had discussions on various topics or tried origami with the Japanese students. The exchange programme was concluded by a dorayaki cooking class and a group photo taking session. Students were greatly impressed by the Japanese students' passionate demeanor and are sincerely looking forward to the next visit and other activities that may be held in the future and hope to further foster the bond between the two sister schools.


Japanese student sings a Japanese song together, livening up the atmosphere!


Our students chat with the Japanese counterparts in their classroom


Japanese students teach us to make the Japanese snack - dorayaki. It is delicious!


Group photo at the school entrance, with the School Principal Mr. Kouichi Yoshioka (top left)


Apart from visiting our sister school, the exchange tour enabled Lamwooers to truly dive into the unique Japanese culture. While visiting Saga360, they were able to have an overview of Saga and were taken aback by the beautiful scenery. The ancient and sacred Yūtoku Inari Shrine was also truly beautiful while they were able to directly experience Japan's rich culture and civilization through the Yoshinogari Historical Park. The lovely artworks in the Kurume City Art Museum and fantastic demonstrations and exhibitions in the Fukuoka Science Museum were also greatly educational. Both activities were able to raise students' aesthetic sense and interest in science. The cultural exchange tour enabled Lamwooers to further experience the traditional Japanese culture first-hand and gave them great insights and inspiration. They are genuinely delighted to be able to enjoy and engage in this valuable exchange tour full of treasurable moments and have our fingers crossed for the next one to come!


The Yutoku Inari Shrine (祐德稻荷神社) is one of the three major Inari Shrines in Japan


Kurume City Art Museum (久留米市美術館)


The Minami Naikaku (南内郭)  is the place for Yayoi Period (彌生時代) kings


Kurume Suitengū (久留米水天宮)


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