Students Unearth Possible WWII Relic during F.5 General Education Outing


In an exciting twist during a recent F.5 General Education outing, a group of students participating in an archaeological dig in Fanling, N.T. made an intriguing discovery that may link back to the United States Air Force(USAF)'s involvement in World War II.

The outing was part of the renowned F.5 General Education course, ‘Bones Don't Lie: Workshop on Forensic Anthropology’, taught by Miss Winsome Lee, a highly regarded forensic anthropologist who has actively contributed to the popular understanding of the subject in Hong Kong for almost a decade. This unique course offers students a hands-on experience, immersing them in the captivating world of archaeological exploration.

According to a preliminary analysis by Miss Winsome Lee and Ir Dr. Wallace Lai, Associate Head of LSGI of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the metal object bears a striking resemblance to a USAF aircraft part used during World War II. It is worth noting that the mountainous regions within the New Territories were known crash sites for several USAF warplanes that tragically went down over the hills of Hong Kong in 1945.

The students' discovery brings the pages of history to life. It encourages future generations to explore, question, and preserve our collective heritage, leading to a deeper understanding of Hong Kong's history.




For more introduction about Lam Woo General Education, please watch this video or visit this webpage.