Engaging Talk on National Security Law

Mr. LEUNG Siu-ying, a well-known Chinese law graduate, enthralled 4E students with his engaging talk on National Security Law. Mr. Leung brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his 40 years in Hong Kong's judicial system, where he served in various capacities across multiple court levels, as Vice Chairman of the Zhongshan University Law Faculty Hong Kong Students Association.


Mr. Leung expertly explored the nuances of National Security Law in his talk, with a particular emphasis on the critical importance of Article 23 legislation. He skillfully emphasized its significance in the current societal context, particularly in Hong Kong. His insightful analysis of the law's impact and practical applications provided a comprehensive and thought-provoking viewpoint.


The interactive Q&A segment was a standout feature of the session. Mr. Leung enthusiastically engaged with our students in this setting, answering their questions with depth of knowledge and a clear passion for the subject. This interaction was not only educational, but it also inspired our students to think critically about complex legal and societal issues.


Mr. LEUNG Siu-ying deserves our heartfelt gratitude for sharing his valuable insights and experiences with us. His presentation was an excellent example of how legal education can be applied to real-world scenarios, providing our students with a unique and enriching learning experience.