Enrichment program for national flag etiquette and patriotic orations

LAI Wing-chun, SHI Wing-yan and WONG Yi-tung from Class 3C took a significant step on July 11 by participating in a training program on flag-raising ceremonies and patriotic public speaking organised by the Hong Kong Army Cadets Association.


The initiative's primary purpose is to equip our ambassadors with comprehensive knowledge of conducting flag-raising ceremonies, bolster their abilities in Chinese-style queue formation, and enhance their prowess in delivering speeches under the national flag. 


During the training, students learned the intricate procedures and standards of the flag-raising ceremony. There was also an opportunity to understand the critical facets of the Chinese-style queue formation, including the efficient ways to issue commands, fostering unity and precision. The training program provided a unique platform for students to explore the content and effective delivery of speeches under the national flag. Emphasis was placed on mastering essential public speaking concepts, focusing on honing writing skills for crafting insightful speeches to be delivered under the national flag.