Visit PizzaExpress

A group of F.4 Economics students from our school had the unique opportunity today to learn about real-world economic theories at PizzaExpress. The field trip on 'Firm and Production' offered a refreshing shift from the traditional classroom setting, making the abstract concepts more relatable and understandable.


The event at PizzaExpress allowed students to explore firsthand the intricacies of restaurant operations, production, and management. The standout feature of the day was a detailed discussion with the Branch Manager of PizzaExpress. They generously shared insights into the economic factors contributing to the successful operation of a well-loved restaurant chain like PizzaExpress.


Students observed how PizzaExpress capitalizes on economies of scale, employs advanced technology for increased productivity, and creates a brand image based on product consistency. 


We are incredibly grateful to PizzaExpress for providing our students with this enriching experience. PizzaExpress's dedication to offering our students an immersive learning experience is a testament to their commitment to the community and education. It is partnerships like these that truly enhance our student's educational journey.