Students' Achievements in Summer STEM Competitions

During this summer, our students actively participated in a wide range of local and regional STEM competitions focusing on programming, robotics, and innovation and technology (I&T), achieving remarkable success.


  1. Greater Bay Area Artificial Intelligence Science and Innovation Competition 2022-23 (粵港澳大灣區人工智能科創比賽)

    Two teams from Lam Woo participated in the Greater Bay Area Artificial Intelligence Science and Innovation Competition with the theme "Smart Living." Each team was tasked with designing a robot that could solve real-world problems using A.I. techniques. Additionally, they had to present their research and inventions at the Science Park on July 28, 2023. We are pleased to announce that both teams achieved outstanding results. Lam Shok Shun (2A), Pun Hau Ming (2B), and Lam Shing Hei (4D) received the Best Model Design Award, while Lam O Ching (3C), Kam Hau Man (4C), Wong Pak Man (4D), and Chung Man Hei (4E) were recognized with the Best Presenter Award.

  2. International Coding Challenge 2023

    Cheung Hoi Lap (4B) won the Top Coder Award in the district event, and three other students, Chan Wai Hei (1B), Lau James (3C) and Luk Ho Hin (5D), received the Outstanding Coder Award. Hoi Lap was selected to represent Hong Kong in the Hong Kong-Macau-Taiwan Final, where he was honored with the Bronze Award.
  3. FIRST® LEGO® League 2022-23

    Lo Yin Kwan (2C), Cheung Yau Pok Harry (2A), and Cheung Bok Sum (2A) participated in the FIRST® LEGO® League on July 22, 2023, and achieved a Second Prize. The competition required them to design a LEGO robot capable of completing various missions, as well as conduct research on energy resources and deliver a presentation. A total of 149 teams from 85 schools participated in the competition.

  4. Robotics Intelligence DIY 2023

    Or Thomas Sik Lui (2C), Chan Fei Hang (2D), and Chan Cham Ho (2D) participated in the Robotics Intelligence DIY 2023 (Heat Event) and secured the 2nd runner-up position in the junior secondary division. They were selected to advance to the Final Event, held at the Central Library on July 13, 2023, where they received a two-star award and the Best Challenge Spirit Award.


  1. 8th STEAM Education Competition 2023 (Final Event) (英才盃 – STEAM教育挑戰賽 決賽)

    Chan Wai Sen Rayson (2C), Cheung Yau Pok Harry (2A), and Yu Wai Ming (2C) participated in the 8th STEAM Education Competition 2023 (Final Event) on July 11, 2023. Our team achieved the Merit Award in the competition, which included 36 teams from 36 secondary schools.